The fruit of our experience 70 pages.
An infinite source of information and advice

The Registration Pack

Includes everything you need to know about preparing for the Paris-North Cape Rally. Combining all the experience gained during previous Rallies, it is an inexhaustible source of advice and information, including:

  • Details of the itinerary
  • A list of gear and practical information about the countries visited
  • Typical budgets for teams of 1, 2 or 3 people
  • Numerous tips to help you prepare your trip
  • The themes for the photography competitions, examples of reports and information about how the classification is drawn up
  • Practical information on preparing your car
  • Advice on how to obtain sponsorship
  • Anecdotes from previous participants
  • A list of media who cover the Rally
  • Copies of articles
  • The event’s regulations in full
  • A registration form for the next Paris-North Cape Photo Rally

If you would like to receive a Registration Pack:

Just send a CHEQUE payable to Cap Nord Organisation or Just do a bank transfer (contact us for details) for 8 EUROS* to the following address:
Cap Nord Organisation
4 ter rue Feuillat 69003 LYON – FRANCE
*to cover return postage.