21st edition Paris-North Cape Photo adventure

22nd of July until the 22nd of August 2025

21st  edition
Paris-North Cape Photo adventure

A photographic adventure on the tracks and trails of the midnight sun. 

The Paris-North Cape Photo Rally, a quest through all the countries of Scandinavia plus Finland, is an adventure open to all (the least expensive rally of its kind!). With7 photo treks and 7 photo competitions, this month-long photographic odyssey will delight keen photographers of all ages.

It is organized during the midnight sun period
in Norway (islands and fjords), Finland (lakes and forests), Sweden mountains and villages) and Denmark (coasts), crossing Germany and Belgium. 


The Paris-North Cape Photo Rally is first and foremost an adventure that anyone can enjoy, when Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark are attained in the midnight sun. It is not a race in the traditional sense of the term; rather, it is a photographic odyssey through the most beautiful parts of Scandinavia, combining driving courses with hikes across nature reserves and remote islands.

 Paris Nord is not a timed event, but a photographic journey through the most beautiful Scandinavian landscapes with stages in the car and hikes in nature reserves or isolated islands.

July 22nd 2025

A race for images on the tracks of the midnight sun.

A 30-day adventure is waiting for you in the lands of the midnight sun, a month to soak up the magical light of the north, hike through unspoilt nature reserves and meet local people as you research your documentary report.
You will have the opportunity to scale the Glittertind, Scandinavia’s second highest mountain, ramble across the extraordinary island of Sørøya in Norway, climb the Kebenekaise in Sweden, hike to Lake Pöyrisjarvi in Finland, and wander through the magical Lofoten Islands. You will also be able to take a dip in Finland’s surprisingly warm lakes, explore some of Sweden’s most beautiful villages and marvel at Norway’s most majestic fjords.
And your photos will contribute to the half million pictures that will be taken during the next edition of the Paris-North Cape Photo Rally.








paris-North cape in video

Images taken from a drone during the last edition of Paris-North Cape: Photo Treks were held on the Lofoten Islands (Nordic paradise) and the island of Sørøya (near North Cape) in Norway, on the Kungsleden (King’s Trail) in the Swedish Alps and at the Lemmenjoki bivouac in Finland, home of the last gold-panners north of the Arctic Circle.

Photo Trophies

A photo competition open to all the participants is held every four or five days during Paris-North Cape, in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

These Photo Trophies are organised in conjunction with cities such as Stockholm (Venice of the North), in nature reserves and national parks around the Arctic Circle, on remote islands far from the usual tourist trail, on the slopes of the most beautiful peaks in the Scandinavian Alps and in the heart of Finland’s lake district (“Land of a thousand lakes”).

A jury, set up in association with the local press, chooses the best photographs and the winning entries are published by our media partners. The winners of Paris-North Cape’s Photo Trophies are not professional photographers; they are enthusiastic and talented amateurs of all ages – the youngest, a 7-year-old girl, the oldest, a 81-year-old woman!




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Cap Nord Organisation

Throughout the Raid, the organizing team, divided into several vehicles, is responsible for the logistics and smooth running of the Raid.

Philippe boucher

Rally founder and organizer

Valérie boucher

Participants manager

Olivier Ha


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